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2022-06-09 17:44


Founded in 2011, Minle Primary School is an authentic Yi primary school. The founder, Mo Sewujiadang, saw the difficulty of children's education and made up his mind to solve the problem of local children's schooling. But the family is not rich, she has no conditions to set up a school building, but this did not stop Mose Wujia's determination to run a school. She ignored the opposition of her family and opened a school with her own house, and solved 65 children at one time. education issues. In order to provide children with better educational conditions and solve more children's educational problems, she builds school buildings with the money she has worked hard to save every year, and finally through her own efforts and the help of kind people, her school has been up to now. The scale has expanded to 500 people.

"There are four seasons in one mountain, and different days in ten miles." It is learned that some children in the school have to climb a mountain every day to go to school, and it takes 6 hours to travel back and forth. One can imagine the difficulty of children's schooling. In order to solve this problem and allow children from far away to live in school, Yantai Zhenghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. decided to lend a helping hand to them and donated 50 bunk beds for them. The bed, which solved the accommodation problem of 100 children.

Enthusiasm for public welfare and giving back to the society is an important part of corporate social responsibility. Doing public welfare, Zhenghai Biological has been on the way.

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