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Congratulations to ZH-BIO Entering the Second-Board Market - Capital Helps the Company to Embark on a New Journey

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2017-05-16 13:51

On May 16, 2017, Yantai Zhenghai Bio-tech Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300653, and hereinafter referred to as ZH-BIO) entered the Second-board Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The issue price of ZH-BIO was 11.72 yuan with the opening price of 15.47. The share price reached 16.88 yuan with an increase of 44.03% after hitting limit up.
ZH-BIO has issued a total of 20 million shares and the funds raised will be used for projects, such as the upgrading of the construction of the bio-regenerative material industry base, construction of the R&D center and marketing network and information construction. 
Established in 2003, ZH-BIO is a leading enterprise in the field of regenerative medicine in China. In the past ten years, the company has been cultivating the industry of regenerative medicine with the main business of R&D, production and sales of bio-regenerative materials. The main products include the oral cavity repair membrane, bio-membrane and other soft tissue repair materials and hard tissue repair materials, such as the bone repair material, which are widely used in stomatology, neurosurgery and other fields.
Zhang Bo, deputy mayor of Yantai City, said in the listing ceremony: "The listing of ZH-BIO marks the beginning of a new era of it, which will bring new investment opportunities and vitality to the capital market". ZH-BIO is one of the representatives of outstanding enterprises in Yantai City. As of now, the total number of listed companies in Yantai City has reached 43, of which 26 companies are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The successful listing of ZH-BIO will play a good leading role of demonstration and will effectively promote the development, transformation and upgrading of economy in Yantai.
Mi Bohai, Chairman of ZH-BIO said that: In the future, ZH-BIO will continue to focus on the field of regenerative medicine and will be committed to the in-depth R&D and industrialization of bio-regenerative material products. After the listing, the company will adhere to the highly responsible attitude to investors, constantly improve corporate governance, innovate the management mechanism and enhance transparency as well as consciously accept the supervision of the public and investors to ensure scientific and efficient management decisions of the company. 
The proportion of the amount of income in the industry of medical apparatus and instruments in China is relatively low compared to the entire medical and health field, however, the growth rate of the industry is relatively fast. In 2014, the income of medical apparatus and instrument enterprises in China reached 213.6 million yuan and it is expected that the average growth rate will still remain at no less than 15% in the next five years. The ratio of the income of global pharmaceutical industry and medical apparatus and instruments is approximately 1:0.7, while that in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries reaches 1:1.02; the ratio of the income of the global pharmaceutical industry and medical apparatus and instruments in China is 1:0.19, only 20% of that in developed countries, indicating that there is great room for the growth of the medical apparatus and instrument market in the future.
Due to changes in the domestic population structure and support of national industrial policies and with the continuous development of the national economy and sustained improvement of people's living standards, demands of people for medical apparatus and instruments including bio-regenerative materials have witnessed rapid increase. In recent years, bio-regenerative materials to have developed rapidly with more than 20% of the growth rate. With its mature industrial experience, strong R&D capabilities and relatively high technological innovation rate of conversion, ZH-BIO has become a leading enterprise in the field of regenerative medicine in China. 
As of December 31, 2016, ZH-BIO had a total of 30 granted patents, including 19 patents for inventions. The successful listing of ZH-BIO also indicates that domestic medical apparatus and instruments have made great progress in the field of medicine and health.
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