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The 22nd South China International Oral Cavity Exhibition

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2017-03-06 13:45

Recently, the 22nd "South China International Oral Cavity Exhibition" was smoothly held in Exhibition Hall C of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou City. As one of the major exhibitors of the meeting, ZH-BIO publicized and promoted Heal-All ® Oral Cavity Repair Membrane, Heal-all ® Bone Repair Material and other products at the scene. 
As the professional exhibition in the field of oral cavity, South China International Oral Cavity Exhibition has been widely recognized as the domestic large-scale oral cavity event focusing on services with significant effects, which has become a famous brand in China and even in Asia. The exhibition lasted for 4 days and thousands of well-known domestic and foreign experts in the industry, customers, dealers and other professionals came to the company's booth for consultation during this period. By right of in-depth communication and exchange, the company has been widely recognized by experts and partners in term of its products, having effectively improved the brand awareness and provided a broad platform for the further development of ZH-BIO.
2017 is the tenth anniversary for Heal-All® Oral Cavity Repair Membrane being on the market. In the past ten years, with its good tissue compatibility and excellent repair effect, Heal-All® Oral Cavity Repair Membrane has been widely acclaimed and ranked top in the market constantly. The product has been recognized and spoken highly of by a large number of domestic and foreign experts and oral doctors and dealers all over the country!
Ten years have achieved quality of Heal-All, and excellent products will continue the brilliance! We believe that Heal-All will ride the wind and waves and forge ahead with the concerted efforts of experts and scholars, partners and employees of the company! 
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