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[New Year's Annual Meeting] ZH-BIO Annual Meeting 2017 was Smoothly Held

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2016-09-11 10:26

On January 11, 2017, Yantai Zhenghai Bio-tech Co., Ltd. held the 2016 annual meeting themed "Concomitant Crisis and Challenges, Prospective Opportunities and Development". Chairman Mr. Mi Bohai and Director Qu Zhuli along with other leaders and all employees of the company participated in the annual meeting.
Mr. Sha Shuzhuang, executive deputy general manager of the company, made a summary of the work in 2016. Mr. Sha reviewed the achievements and shortcomings of the company in the four modules of marketing, R&D, production quality and basic management in the past year. In addition, he also deployed the work in 2017 from the four aspects of "corporate strategy", "operating mechanism", "team building" and "implementation of decisions". 
Mr. Mi Bohai, chairman of the company, delivered an important speech. He acknowledged that unity and mutual trust, systems and specifications, scientific and technological innovation and talents were eternal themes of sustainable development of the company, and every employee shall have a sense of ownership and make arduous efforts to achieve their own value in the platform of ZH-BIO. 
Subsequently, 2017 New Year Party of "Happiness ·Youth" kicked off. Singing and dancing, comedies, crosstalk and other programs directed by employees of the company were performed in turn, which was unusually brilliant. 
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