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The ceremony of awarding the "Heal-All® Oral Cavity Scholarship" was Held at Binzhou Medical University (Yantai)

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2016-06-02 11:45

On the afternoon of May 27, the ceremony of awarding the "Heal-All® Oral Cavity Scholarship" was held at Binzhou Medical University (Yantai). Mr. Li Wenxi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Binzhou Medical University, Mr. Liu Zhonghao, dean of the School of Stomatology, Mr. Zhang Wencai and Ms. Lu Meijiao, general manager and deputy general manager of ZH-BIO attended the ceremony along with the relevant leaders from the Department of Student Affairs, Communist Youth League and School of Stomatology and students.
At the meeting, Ms. Li Mei, deputy secretary of the School of Stomatology, read out the list of students awarded for work in the school year of 2015-2016 and Zhou Kai on behalf of students made a statement. ZH-BIO awarded the Heal-All® Oral Cavity Scholarship and Project Special Award for the Social Practice Team to the award-winning students and teams.
General Manager Mr. Zhang Wencai congratulated the award-winning students and pointed out that ZH-BIO has been adhering to the corporate mission of "Being a Leader in the Field of Regenerative Medicine". The company will continue to promote the development of the domestic industry of oral cavity and make more efforts in creating national brands through innovation. It hopes that students will closely combine their knowledge learned with industries with more understanding of national brands and make more contributions to the Chinese industry of oral cavity through independent innovation. Mr. Li Wenxi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee expressed his thanks to ZH-BIO for its philanthropic act of actively taking corporate social responsibility on behalf of students and teachers in the school. He said that establishment and awarding of the scholarship was of great significance to promote school-enterprise cooperation and motivate students to make progress and scale new heights.
After the meeting, ZH-BIO made a special report entitled "Brilliant Dreams Set Sail" for students in the university, so that students can learn more about enterprises and the society and shall focus on all-round development and development of personality to do their best.
ZH-BIO has been actively involved in social welfare activities for many years, which attaches great importance to the cooperation between schools and enterprises. The company has created new models of school-enterprise cooperation and will make contributions to the development of the cause of education. In the future, the company will continue to deepen the areas of school-enterprise cooperation and create new models for the cultivation of talents as well as make unremitting efforts for the cultivation of talents with high technical ability. 
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