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"National Fire Protection comes first!" ----Zhenghai Bio-tech simulated the escape fire drill

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2019-11-15 01:54

To further strengthen the fire safety awareness of all employees and improve their ability to respond to emergencies, the Fire prevention Security Committee of Zhenghai Bio-tech carried out a company-level fire emergency drill on Nov. 15, 2019, mainly including medium-high fire knowledge and skill training, and emergency evacuation drill. The drill was guided and assisted by officers and soldiers of the fire squadron to achieve the intended effect.


I. Fire knowledge training 
Inspired by the recent popular film/television works The Bravest and The Captain and their producers works, the fire knowledge training was conducted, and the destructive and catastrophic fire and the importance and necessity of emergency drills were highlighted. The leaders of the fire squadron carried out fire knowledge and skill training for the middle-senior managers and members of the emergency team from a professional perspective and combined with their own experience, so as to better improve the fire knowledge of the managers and members of the emergency team.
II. Emergency evacuation drill 
At 3p.m., as the simulated fire alarm sounded, the on-site principal reported the fire. The accident emergency rescue leading team immediately launched a fire emergency plan and organized all employees of the company to orderly evacuate from a safety passageway, and the emergency disposal team rushed to the scene for fire extinguishing without any delay. Eventually, the fire was extinguished, and personnel evacuation was well performed. 
III. Summary of fire skill training and drills 
After the emergency drills, the actual drill with extinguishers and hydrants were conducted. Finally, the full-time Deputy Director of the Fire prevention Security Committee made a summary of the drill.

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