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119 | Fire safety is everything!

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2019-11-09 14:58

In 1992, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice, setting Nov. 9 of each year as the "119 Fire Awareness Day." "119" is the fire alarm phone number in China. However, the simple three numbers mean a lot. "Fire safety" seems simple but is difficult to put it into practice. 

This year marks the 28th China Fire Awareness Day. With the improvement of safety awareness, numerous previous safety hazards have been eliminated, but new ones are followed fast upon one another. Only by actively learning about fire protection and improving safety awareness can we truly get rid of fires.

Don't panic in case of emergency, remember to dial 119 in time. 
I. Remember the fire telephone 119. 
II. Clearly tell the fire-catching unit and area when calling the police. 
III. Explain the fire-catching object and its behavior. 
IV. Clarify the name, phone number and address of the alarm person. 
V. Don't stand around in case of fire. 
VII. Don't make fire alarm calls at random. A false alarm should be stopped immediately if found. 
    In order to further improve safety precautions and enhance the fire safety awareness and self-protection ability of employees, Zhenghai Bio-tech will carry out fire drills in the near future. Please stay tuned! 
    Fire safety, not just for the Fire Awareness Day, must be in a spotlight every minute of 365 days of the year with one-day learning, to put down roots of the safety awareness. Let's improve our safety awareness together, and enjoy a better healthy life! 

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