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Zhenghai Bio-tech successfully held 2019 "New Kinetic Energy" Industry & Talent Summit - "New Industry, New Development, New Kinetic Energy, Medical Health Innovation and Development"

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2019-06-06 12:37

From May 31 to June 1, 2019 "New Kinetic Energy" Industry & Talent Summit was held successfully in Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area. High-level talents from all over the country and representatives from universities, institutions and enterprises gathered here and discussed the integration of industry and talent. As a representative of medical health in Yantai, Zhenghai Bio-tech was invited to attend the Summit and undertook the forum on "New Industry, New Development, New Kinetic Energy, Medical Health Innovation and Development". General Manager Mr. Sha Shuzhuang and Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Donggang delivered keynote speeches as guests, shared the cutting-edge results made by Zhenghai Bio-tech in regenerative medicine, and had in-depth discussions with experts.

Under the guidance of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Organization Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, this Summit was held by the Organization Department of Yantai Municipal Party Committee, Yantai Bureau of Commerce and the Working Committee of Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area, and organized by the New Kinetic Energy Industrial Technology Research Institute. In cooperation with 5 major listed enterprises, the three forms of "theme exchange conference + industry forum + business trip" are set up. Through 1 keynote speech and 5 industry parallel forums, the practice and thinking of 4 major leading industries are shared, such as new materials, medical health, intelligent manufacturing and high-end agriculture, and the practice path that the industry and talent promote each other to realize integrated development is explored. The Summit attracted much attention from more than 300 guests, such as employees from the relevant provincial and municipal departments, academicians, state specially recruited experts, high-level talents at home and abroad, representatives of universities and institutions, young talents, representatives of investment and financing institutions, representatives of intermediary service agencies, representatives of key enterprises and entrepreneurs, etc. 

In the forum, Mr. Zhang shared the frontier development of regenerative medicine with a speech titled "Opportunities and Challenges - Innovation and Practice of Regenerative Medicine", explained the corporate vision and industrial positioning of Zhenghai Bio-tech through the industrial path combined with the medical device industry and the pipeline design of products, including products on the market, products under development and layout products, and expressed the demand of Zhenghai Bio-tech for high-level talents and cooperation with industry experts to realize win-win. Experts including academicians from The Engineering Academy of Japan also exchanged their views on digital oral cavity, FGF active factor drugs, marine algae materials, wearable smart devices, etc. 

This event has played a positive role in promoting Zhenghai Bio-tech to pay attention to new thinking in the field of medical health. In the meantime, it's hoped that through the bridge between talent and industry built by "New Kinetic Energy" Industrial Technology Research Institute, integrated development of talent and industry will be achieved. Zhenghai Bio-tech always focuses on the integration of industry and talent. Through this event, Zhenghai Bio-tech will continue to strengthen cooperation with industry experts, explore the road to pragmatic cooperation and win-win, adhere to the vision of being a leader in regenerative medicine, and continue to promote the development of the industry. 

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