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Zhenghai-Donghua Hybrid Material Research and Development Center & Industrial Research and Development Base was Inaugurated

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2018-08-16 15:39

On August 11, an opening ceremony was successfully held for the Zhenghai-Donghua Hybrid Material Research and Development Center & Industrial Research and Development Base; Professor Zhu Meifang (Dean of the College of Material Science, Donghua University) and Mr. Sha Shuzhuang (General Manager of Yantai Zhenghai Bio-tech Co., Ltd.) jointly took the post of Director of the "Research and Development Center". 

Over forty experts and leaders attended the ceremony as guests, including Mr. Che Zifan (Director of the Project of High Technology Research and Development Center under the Ministry of Science and Technology), Academician Ding Chuanxian (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Zhao Jianlong (Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Zhang Jinning (Deputy Director of Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine), Professor Zhu Yaqin (Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Zhao Hongwei (Director of Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Songjiang), Huo Zhigang (Deputy Director of YEDA Administrative Commission), Cui Yunhua (Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Donghua University) and Mr. Wang Tao (Chairman of Yantai Zhenghai Bio-tech Co., Ltd.). 

Professor Zhu Meifang and Mr. Sha Shuzhuang made separate introduction to basic information on respective party as well as the cooperation process, goals and vision of "Center & Base". Both parties will, depending on the project of "Nano-hybrid Materials for Oral Tissue Repairing and Their Clinical Application Technology Research" of the National Key R&D Plan, establish a long-term effective cooperation mechanism via "Research and Development Center" and "Industrial Research and Development Base". The "Center & Base" will make full use of technological superiorities of Donghua University and industrialized resources of Zhenghai Bio-tech to realize seamless joint from the early-stage technology research to the final industrialized launch of products together. 

Professor Zhu Meifang (Donghua University) introduced the establishment background of Research and Development Center

Sha Shuzhuang (General Manager of Zhenghai Bio-tech) introduced conditions of the enterprise 

Afterwards, Zhao Hongwei the Director, Huo Zhigang the Deputy Director, Cui Yunhua the Deputy Secretary and Wang Tao the Chairman jointly unveiled the nameplates of "Research and Development Center" and "Industrial Research and Development Base". Mr. Che Zifan, Academician Ding Chuanxian, Professor Zhao Jianlong, Professor Zhu Meifang and Sha Shuzhuang the General Manager witnessed this event together. 

Opening ceremony 

At the ceremony, Huo Zhigang the Deputy Director and Zhao Hongwei the Director delivered speeches respectively, expressing warm congratulations to the establishment of "Research and Development Center" and "Industrial Research and Development Base", and also ardently hoping that both parties could follow the development of times and give full play to respective superiorities via industry-university-research cooperation to accelerate achievement transformation and realize a win-win situation. In this way, they could make greater contributions to promoting industrial transformation & upgrading as well as regional economic growth & development, and to improving health conditions of the masses. 

Huo Zhigang (Deputy Director of YEDA Administrative Commission) delivered a speech 

Zhao Hongwei (Director of Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Songjiang) delivered a speech 

After the ceremony, participating experts and leaders held the "Symposium for Promoting Project Achievements", during which they brainstormed for R&D and industrialized works regarding series products of "Dental Repair Materials" in the first cooperation project. 

A group photo of participating leaders and experts as a commemoration 

This "hand-in-hand" cooperation between Zhenghai Bio-tech and Donghua University embodies the efforts spent by Zhenghai Bio-tech in jointly establishing "outside brain" with multiple universities and focusing on innovation to promote enterprise's swift development. Since its establishment, Zhenghai Bio-tech has been actively responding to national policies and adhering to the development orientation of "industry-university-research-hospital-management integration" as well as the principles of "complementary advantages, mutual benefits and joint development"; by dint of technological conditions and talent advantages in domestic & foreign top-class scientific research institutes, Zhenghai Bio-tech has constantly boosted its sci-tech innovation ability and will continue the R&D of series products with higher "value", greater market adaptability and better benefiting people's well-being. 

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