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Patent Project of Zhenghai Bio-tech Won the Second Place of Shandong Patent Award

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2018-04-12 16:32

On April 4 2018, the 2nd Shandong Patent Award review work report was passed on the Shandong Provincial Government Executive Meeting, and the patent for invention Bone Scaffold Material and Its Preparation Method & Application of Zhenghai Bio-tech won the second place of Shandong Patent Award. This patent is granted to the company's self-developed technology, and the launch of its transformation product - bone repairing material is a significant breakthrough in the field of oral implantology, with its technological level ranking the top among industrial competitors. The product has fully satisfied numerous patients' demands with its good effects, and won unanimous praise from physicians after being launched in the market.

 Established by Shandong Provincial Government, Shandong Patent Award is a biennial event designed for awarding inventions making prominent contributions to technological innovation and economic/social development, as well as patents for utility models and appearance design, known as an incentive for patentees to give better play to the values and functions of intellectual properties and to advance the construction of intellectual properties.


The winning of this award derives from the company's insistence of independent innovation and enhancement of intellectual property protection for years. The company will continue implementing its intellectual property policy of "total involvement, whole-process protection, positive application, and innovative development" to develop more products with proprietary intellectual property rights and fully raise the company's competitiveness & brand influence.

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