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[Event] Happy 14th birthday to Zhenghai Bio-tech!

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2017-10-23 15:10

How time flies! 

We have prospered in Yantai for 14 years 

From scratch to the 14-year development 

We came with big dreams 

We did things on a firm footing 

Step by step 

We've encountred numerous difficulties 

We've gained tremendous progress 

The 14-year history is meaningful 

In 2017, Zhenghai Bio-tech has entered the 14th year of its development 

Also the 1st year since its successful listing 

And the 10th year of Heal-All®

It is an extraordinary year 

Happy 14th birthday to Zhenghai Bio-tech 

For over 5000 days and nights in the 14 years 

We set up a team full of aggressiveness 

We worked hard in the frontline of R&D 

We made persistent efforts for 14 years 

For employees 

We provided each of them with platforms and opportunities to display their talents 

To let each of them achieve growth, progress and harvest in Zhenghai Bio-tech

For customers 

We guaranteed our brand with high-quality products 

To deeply meet customer demands with technology and wisdom 

For society 

Honesty and efficiency are the highlights of Zhenghai Bio-tech 

Assumption of responsibility shows the best quality of Zhenghai Bio-tech 

Stroll into the future joyfully together 

For 14 years, it is exactly the persistence of Zhenghai Bio-tech 

That guarantees its better and steadier development 

For an enterprise 

It embraces the most vigor and courage in its 14th year 

For Zhenghai Bio-tech 

It shall try as much as possible in its best year 

Zhenghai Bio-tech was successfully listed on May 16, 2017

We've expanded a broader path for ourselves 

And also put forward higher requirements

In the 14th anniversary of Zhenghai Bio-tech

We promise to make more endeavors 

To develop more highly competitive products 

To fulfill more social responsibilities 

On the occasion of its 14th birthday, thank you for accompanying Zhenghai Bio-tech all the way 

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