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Zhenghai Bio-tech passed the review for three-grade standardization of safety production in the industry and trade.

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2017-07-03 01:40

Recently, Zhenghai Bio-tech passed the review for three-grade standardization of safety production in the industry and trade. This review can help propel the construction of a long-term mechanism for safety production within the company, effectively prevent and completely curb any accident, as well as promote the constant development of safety production. 


For a long time, the company has, starting from the standardization of safety production, focused on safety and propelled development, with a standardization system established for safety production, and relevant rules & regulations set up and perfected (such as the Safety Production Responsibility System, Assessment Method for Safety Production Responsibility System, Safety Management System for Related Party, etc.); besides, greater efforts have been made in safety production investment and personnel training, with special emergency drills organized/conducted and sci-tech innovation activities carried out actively. Since May 2016, the company has established a leading group for standardization of safety production, following which the Mobilization Meeting for Standardization Acceptance of Safety Production and the Initiative for Standardization of Safety Production were convened successively; led by the company's leaders personally, the fire safety committee has, while referencing to standard requirements, actively carried out a series of works including self-inspection & self-appraisal for safety standardization grading and on-site rectification. 


During the review, a group of experts from Administration of Work Safety of Development Zone and Yantai Aosai Security Technology Consulting Center came to the scene and actively participated in the inspection and acceptance, all of whom highly affirmed various measures taken by the company in the standardization of its safety production. 


After passing this review for three-grade standardization of safety production, Zhenghai Bio-tech is deemed as having reached a new high of its biological safety production management. Since there is no end for safety works, Zhenghai Bio-tech will continue promoting the standardization of safety production as always, strictly implement the safety standardization requirements as well as the safety production responsibility system, and completely improve employees' safety awareness to carry out safety works more solidly and to make full preparations for safety works in the next phase. 


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